Majlis Sambutan Hari Raya Aidilfitri MPC Wilayah Utara 2014

August 27th, 2014


Setinggi-tinggi Penghargaan diucapkan kepada :

Y. Bhg. Dato' Haji Ahmad Fadzil Mahmud

Timbalan Ketua Pengarah 1, Perbadanan Produktiviti Malaysia (MPC)

di atas kehadiran dan ucapan alu-aluan

Cik Hajjah Sarimah Misman

Pengarah MPC Wilayah Utara

di atas kepimpinan dan nasihat yang diberikan

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En. Mohamad Azrol Mohamad Dali

Pengurus MPC Wilayah Utara

di atas sokongan dan nasihat yang diberikan

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August 13th, 2014

Salam Sejahtera Y.Bhg. Dato' /Tuan /Puan,

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July 22nd, 2014

MPC Northern Region has organised an International TRIZ Study Mission: Global TRIZ Conference 2014 from 7 – 11 July 2014 in Seoul, Korea. The focus of the study mission is to learn on best practices from the TRIZ practitioners around the world.

The Conference was organised by the KATA (Korea Academic TRIZ Association) – and is sponsored by Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning. The Conference provides an international forum for exchanging new ideas on TRIZ and knowledge-based innovation, presenting recent achievements by the TRIZ community and enabling further advances and collaboration between industry & academia.

The objectives of the programs are;

· To expose the Malaysia TRIZ Practitioners with the latest TRIZ development and acquire a wider   perspective of TRIZ practices around the world;

· To encourage Malaysia TRIZ Practitioners to share ideas and collaborate with TRIZ experts from     other countries; and

· To apply the knowledge acquired to develop various new products, processes, services or systems    for international and local customers.

A total of 9 participants from 5 organizations have participated in this programme. The participants represented 2 public organizations and 3 private organizations. The delegation was led by Hajah Sarimah Misman, Director of MPC Northern Region assisted by Mr. Mohd Khairil Anuar Amir Hamzah.

There are 173 participants from 8 countries participates and 38 papers was presented during 2 days conference.

Below is the list of paper of presented (click to download).

1. Practice of Multi-Step Hybridization: Case Study Based on OLED Display Manufacturing Problems Described in US 20130071775 - Valeriy Prushinskiy, Minsoo Kim

2. OTSM Models in the Solving Mill Program - Nikolay Shpakovsk, Elena Novitskaya

3. Application of Modern TRIZ for Technology Roadmapping - Oleg Feygenson, Jun-Young Lee

4. Analysed And Proposed Future Plan for TRIZ Implementation, Training and Teaching in Tunku Abdul Rahman University College Using 9-Windows and Eight Trends of Evolution - Chee Sheng Keong, Mum Wai Yip, Johan Kii Geat Lim, Nikalus Shu Luing Swee

5. Creativity-Convergence Camp for Enhancing Creative Problem Solving Skill - Dong Joo Song, Young Soon Youn, Mi Jung Ryu, Yeon Soon Kim

6. Electronic Reference Book on Physical contradictions - Y. Danilovsky, S. Ikovenko

7. Effective Leadership and Team Dynamics of TRIZ Teams – Convergence With Design Thinking - Jae H. Park

8. Assisting the use of TRIZ Laws in partially automating evolution hypothesis construction – Dong Joo Song, Young Soon Youn, Mi Jung Ryu, Yeon Soon Kim

9. Micro-Trend of Increasing Flexibility of Multilayer Composite - Naum Feygenson, BongKyoung Park, Hyejung Lee

10. Improvement of The Scratch on The Wire at the Wire Rod Rolling Process - Daegyu Kang, Minji Kim

11. Theory of Creatively Preventing System Failures : Speed FMEA - Miwoo Han, Yongpyo Lim

12. Prevention of Oil Spill by Tanker Collision and Minimization of the Disaster Damage by TRIZ – SangwhunNam, Chong-HyeYoon, Ho-JongKim

13. Evolution Map, Future Unveiled By Past Patents - Mijeong Song, Duckjin Choi

14. Modernized Aristotle’s Causation View’ for Cause Effect Analysis - Hongyul Yoon, Naum Feygenson

15. Innovation of Dental Handpieces based of Function Oriented Search – Jeongho Shin, Sungwon Ryu, Yangsoon Kim

16. Forecasting Future of System Using Advance 9 Windows Canvas – Kyeongwon Lee

17. Systematic Lateral Thinking by TRIZ - Hyo June Kim, Si Chang Lee

18. A Comparison of Cause Analysis Methods and Suggestion for an Efficient Way of Use - Min-Gyu Lee, Vasily Lenyshin, Yury Danilovsky, Kyu-Jin Jung, Sung Kim, Sahong Kim

19. Dare to Think! - A. Hin, E. Hin

20. TRIZ Based Approach to Effective Project Guidance in Creative Economic - Dmitriy A. Bakhturin, Naum B. Feygenson

21. TRIZ Development Framework for Malaysian SME - A.B. Zulhasni, A. B. Nooh, M. Sarimah, T.S. Yeoh and E.H. Tan

22. Invention, Serendipity, and Research Hypothesis With a Systems Approach - Moon Won Suh

23. What Roles TRIZ Can Play in Startup Incubators? - Eric Prevost, German Bruno, Yves Guillou, Pascal Sire, Céline Conrardy

24. Common sense in TRIZ and MAGIC - Kim Young Gi, Ham Hyun Jin

25. Enhanced experience and safety in Interactive Robotics - A. Riwan

26. TRIZ Creative Knowledge Spiral to Solve Nuclear Safety Business Issue - Pascal Sire, Frederic Goldschmidt, Olivier Pierrard

27. 2A2CI, An Effective Innovation Methodology That Makes TRIZ People & Business Compatible - Xavier Lepot, Axel Neveux, Yves Guillou, Séverine Baudrux

28. Crowdsourcing Through the Property-Function Approach in the Patent Database, a Platform and 6 Step Approach for Technology Transfer and Innovation - S. Dewulf, F.Vanmoerkerke

29. Innovative Cases of TRIZ Application in Automotive Industry – Nooh Abu Bakar, Zulhasni Abdul Rahim

30. Future Strategy With TRIZ and Big Data Technologies - Yong Won Song, Jeong-Joon Lee, Alla Zusman and Boris Zlotin

31. Core Technology Evolution Map (CTE Map) - Jungsu Ha, Jae Min Lee, Jun-Young Lee

32. The Practical Usage of the Inventive Principles – SFRE Grouping - Minsik Ryu, Younghan Jeong, Jongsung Lee

33. Development of Quick Connecting Type Resonator - Junguk Lee, Jihoon Yu, Hojun Hwang

34. Windbreak Designed Using TRIZ for Raw Material Yard - Jae-Weon Yang, Sung-Kyu Choi, Young-Sub Moon

35. Technology Forecasting for Medium Term Using Function Oriented Model Based on TRIZ - Siho Seong, Jay-Young Ohm, Chan-Kyu Kim, Hyun-Soo Ahn

36. The Improvement of Coating Shape Using the Multi Su-F Model and MST Method - Woo-Chul Jung

37. A Green Algae Cleaner Developed by The Cause & Effect Technique of TRIZ Similar To A Vacuum Cleaner - Yoon Pyo Lee, Bok Hee Cho

38. How Nature “Solves” Inventive Problems - Stéphane Savelli


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June 2nd, 2014

We are pleased to inform that Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC) will be organising its inaugural "Productivity Competitiveness Conference” with a theme “Meeting of Minds”. This event is in conjunction with the launching of Productivity Report 2013/2014, Lean Recognition Award and Photography Contest Award Ceremony.



Please contact our secretariat for further details:

Ms. Nurul Sazrina Mohd Shukor ( - 03-79512461

Ms. Wan Khairunnisa Azmi ( - 03-79600173

Mr. Muhd Adha Abd Hamid ( - 03-79557266

International TRIZ Study Mission - Global TRIZ Conference 2014

May 21st, 2014


Towards Systematic Inventive Processes in Industry


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